Monday, 27 November 2017


So it's been awhile and plenty of things have happened... both good and bad I suppose.

1st off... Zeke is now full time at the training barn. This has been hugely helpful for him as he's getting a 5 day a week riding schedule.

2. We were pretty consistently jumping all of the boxes and doing full courses. We can pretty consistently do our changes over poles and semi consistently without them

3. He's now a pro at  riding with other horses.

4. The bad.

We ran into a loose stifle issue. About 6 weeks ago he suddenly decided to not like cantering to the left. Vet came out and diagnosed the loose stifles (both) and recommended 3 weeks of trotting poles and long trotting.

3 weeks later and he's much stronger but still not loving his life on the left lead. Vet comes back out and takes x-rays of both stifles, both hocks and both ankles. All are completely clean. Vet is now prescribing leg paint for 10 days on the inside of both ankles and check ligaments and a course of Myoplast.  I am currently 3 weeks into this and we're seeing mild improvement.

Zeke is now learning how to come on the bit and go forward into the connection. He's a quick study but as always, doesn't love when something becomes "work". It'll come when he gains some strength.

 He consistently stands at the mounting block and as long as he gets 1 run a week to play hes a pretty happy camper even ridden with other horses.

He has been hot shod which was a success and in general is much much improved with his ground manners (no more planting his feet and refusing to move).

Over all a plus. I am super bummed about having to press pause on our jumping. However it really is allowing us to fix some holes that were forming in his training. At the end of this slooow slooow progress I will have a much more broke horse than I would have otherwise. Maaayyybbeee I'll even make it to the show at the end of February. We shall see!!!