Monday, 21 January 2019

And we have a false start... Again

So our great showing debut was scheduled for this past Sunday!

While no media, I swear Zeke knew he needed to keep his shit together. We had the best and most consistent course work we’ve ever been able to produce with courses of 10-12 jumps. But sadly our lovely Canadian winter had to finally appear.Womp womp   ☹️

They ended up canceling the show due to the blowing snow. Our next attempt Is February 10th! I like to think some things are meant to be so maybe we just needed those few weeks extra practice?

Either way hopefully we’ll have some time to go for our annual snow ride and hopefully maybe kind of get our changes down??????

One can hope right?

Atleast one of my creatures is enjoying the snow!!

Thursday, 10 January 2019

2019 Goals

So while we are way further ahead than we were last year we definitely didn’t hit all the goals I wanted.  I can’t make myself me all that upset about it though since we HAVE learned a ton. 

Let’s bring back the nice weather too eh?

Zeke is definitely a horse I wish I would have owned a decade from now but he really is the best teacher. I do think it’s about time we got some legitimate progress done though. So here are some goals I’ve set for us that I DO think are completely attainable. 

1) Confirm Zekes changes 
- Right now he’ll do them but he needs a lot of help. I’d like him to be comfortable enough with them that we can do them consistently on course. His biggest struggles are being behind the leg and crooked (really just a product of being behind my leg) once I can get those problems out of the way we should basically have a consistent change. 

2) Trailer somewhere atleast twice a month come Spring 
- My brother is doing some body work on the trailer and my aunt has offered me use of her truck whenever I want it. I have zero reason to not get this done.

3) Incorporate atleast 1 ride a week that is devoted to poles and caveletti. 
- the only reason I don’t already do this is pure laziness. Zeke is a horse that gets bored and I get unmotivated especially being stuck inside. Time to make this a regularly occurring thing. 

4) Continue to have fun and learn with a healthy, happy horse. 
- Zeke is a funny little horse with some big opinions. Changing things up regularly and making sure he’s happy with his work is super important. I want to do my best to make decisions that will benefit his state of mind to make sure him AND I are still having fun. 

4) Take a couple lessons on a horse that actually knows what they’re doing
- I went from lesson horses to a fresh off the track tb to a 2nd OTTB right off the track. I’ve never ridden something that was actually experienced jumping. I’m finding it difficult as Zeke and I progress as it’s becoming a blind leading the blind situation. 

These goals are all something well within my control and grasp as long as I stay motivated and on task.