Sunday, 16 December 2018

Brief Update

So the show on the 9th definitely didn’t go as planned. 

My barn always sets up the course 2 weeks ahead of time (when they do their weekly course changes) so we had a lesson a week and a half before the show. 

It.... went horribly. 

Let’s just say I googled the price of horse meat and he’s lucky he’s not large. He wouldn’t have covered the price of shipping. 

I really wish I had some media of him almost bucking me off and my spectacular dismount (I seem to have a knack of landing on my feet) but sadly I don’t so enjoy some puppy pictures. 

Thankfully it seemed to be a random occurrence as he was back to being just semi sassy the following week. However it really just left us with 1 schooling day to get comfortable with full courses. 

I try to set Zeke and I up for success and it just didn’t make any sense to push just for the sake of it. There’s no rush to show in the schooling series. 

So. The next goal is January 20th. All signs are pointing to that being attainable. 

I recently had my trainer hop on him for a schooling ride just to help with some of our issues (how can his body bend in that many damn ways?!?!?) 

I ended up coming away with some useful tips to help me with our straightness and leaning issues. 

I’m so incredibly thankful that winter hasn’t seriously hit southern Ontario yet but I know it is unfortunately coming sooner than later. 

Next issue to tackle??

Lead changes 🤦‍♀️

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  1. bummer that things didn't work out for the show, but definitely seems like the best call to keep working on schooling for now and try again at the next show!