Sunday, 25 November 2018

Welcome home!

So I mentioned I had a new addition coming to my house and she’s finally here!

This is Ren my new chocolate lab puppy. Mom was 75lbs and dad was 85lb so I’m expecting her  o be a big girl. 

So far she’s been super simple and is already catching on to stairs (up is way less scary than down..) and will sleep a 7 hour stretch or so at night thankfully. She’s already been to the barn which obviously was super boring. She also thinks fresh shavings are the most fun thing ever!

I’m really enjoying her so far and am hoping for many years of fun!

On the horse front... I wasn’t optimistic about my lesson this past Saturday as Zeke had been ridden....once since my last one haha. Thankfully other than some minor sass he was great. 

We worked on a little gymnastic focusing on making him straight all the way through as he loves to drop his hind end to the inside. 

 Here is is looking all cute..... then.....

A super awkward jumping picture haha being straight is hard work guys.

Our first show is December 9th where I very well could die so I’ll try and get my Secret Santa gift shipped before then.  


  1. Oooh I love those gymnastics tho! He looks super in the video ;)

    1. Thanks!

      Now that he has some idea of where his feet are the gymnastics are huuugely beneficial. Plus they’re fun.... idiot proof jumping lol